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Photo-Ketubah FAQ

What sizes are available for a photo ketubah?

ketuba made from a photo of the wedding locationThe ketubah is printed as large as possible on a sheet of 17 x 22" specially coated thick cotton rag paper. If the photo has a 3 to 4 aspect ratio, that means 15" x 20". If the photo has a 3 to 5 aspect ratio, that means 13.3" x 20". We usually print the photo slightly larger so that a mat cut to those sizes will not show the edge of the photo. Occasionally we have printed photos on longer paper, so that the image is 16" x 24" or even as long as 28". We charge an additional $35 to print on paper longer than 22" because that paper requires special handling.

What is the cost of a photo ketubah?

The basic cost is $400.

The price includes any color correction and retouching we need to do to make the photograph look its best when printed. It also includes any of our standard texts personalized with the details you provide on the information form.

You will know of any additional charges before we begin working on your ketubah.

Do you provide the ketubah text? Can we review it with our rabbi?

We provide the following texts along with order/information form at These are what we call our standard texts.

sepia toned photo ketubaThese are the standard texts we provide:

As you will see, since our texts are all typeset, there are no gaps or squeezed letters. We work with the text to fit it well into the space that the photo suggests.

We always send you a proof to you and your rabbi to proofread before we print the ketubah.

What fonts can we use?

Our Hebrew texts are typeset with one of two fonts which Peggy has created for her ketubot, made from her hand-lettering. We have selected two well-designed, calligraphic fonts to offer for English texts, and one Russian font. Other fonts have occasionally been used, and we can discuss that with you.The fonts can be seen at

Can you include a custom text that we provide you?

photo ketuba made from photo of place special to the bride and groomYes. You may e-mail a custom Hebrew text to us in pdf format. If faxing, please use the high resolution setting. Please call us before faxing so we can turn the fax machine on.

There is a $100 additional charge for a custom text that we typeset, which includes and Hebrew or Russian text. There is no charge for a custom English text if you send it to us in the body of an e-mail. Please send the text at the same time as the Ketubah Order Form.

We can also typeset texts in Russian, Yiddish, or any language using Latin, Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabets.

Does it come framed or mounted?

The ketubah comes in a clear acetate envelope which can be opened for signing.

photo ketuba with scene of bride and groom on a beach at sunsetYou may order it shipped rolled in a tube or mounted on a flat foam core holder and shipped flat. This allows you to place the ketubah on an easel for display during the ceremony. The holder is in a clear acetate envelope and is slipped out for signing and put back in for display.

Shipping charges are as follows:

How early would you like the photograph?

A month is good. Two months is better. Three months is not too early in case the photograph you have chosen presents problems that need to be corrected. You may email us a screen resolution file of one or more photographs so we can suggest which works best and where on the photograph the text will go. Then, in order to evaluate whether a full size print can be made, we will need a high resolution file (2000 x 3000 pixels is generally the minimum, although we have been able to work with some files that have not met that standard).

In some cases after seeing the file, we have suggested reshooting the picture in better weather, with different lighting, or with a better camera. Many photos we have worked with have had poor contrast or other color problems, and with enough time we have been able to adjust them in Photoshop to turn them into beautiful prints. We have retouched some photos to eliminate skin blemishes or to fix less than perfect features. In one case where the focus was very fuzzy and it was impossible to re-shoot the photo, we were able to make the picture more painting-like with special effects in Photoshop. If there is enough lead time, we can make test prints and send them to you so you can approve of the adjustments we make.

How do I order a photo-ketubah?

photo ketuba showing place special to the couplePlease download our Custom-Print Ketubah order form. You may fill it in on your computer and email it back to us or print it and mail it. You may email low resolution files of your photograph for planning purposes, but we will need a high resolution file to actually make your ketubah. It's best to send that on a disk. Mail to:

Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy
389 Adamsville Road
Colrain, MA 01340

Do you have a photo you'd like us to make into a photoketuba? Upload it to Dropbox and send us the link.

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