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Custom-Print Ketubot

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The revival of illuminated ketubot as part of the wedding has added both beauty and meaning to modern marriage ceremonies and to Jewish homes. When you select a ketubah, you are choosing a work of art which is both a very personal document and a family heirloom. It helps fulfill two mitzvot, that of making the khatan and kallah rejoice, and of hiddur mitzvah, the beautification of a mitzvah. While a plain ketubah would suffice, our tradition encourages us to increase its beauty, demonstrating the value we give to the tradition of the ketubah.

The painted borders and Hebrew letters of these colorful Custom-Print Ketubot were designed by the calligrapher Peggy Davis. The ketubot feature fully customizable text(s). The ketubah is 17 x 22," printed digitally with archival ink on archival quality rag paper, and signed in pencil by the artist. A smaller, 13 x 17" size is also available.

Cost: The basic cost of the ketubah, with any of our standard texts filled in for your wedding, is listed with its description and on pages 4-5 of the order form. There is no extra charge for this personalization. You may choose to supply your own text in Hebrew, Yiddish or English, for which there is a $100 charge. (No additional charge for a custom English text that you send to us as plain text within the body of an email complete with personalization.) We can work with a text in any other language with a Latin, Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabet; ask for a price quote.

Proofs: When your personalized text is ready to be proofread, we send it by e-mail to the store, customer, and/or rabbi, as arranged. With final approval, we print the ketubah and send it to the location indicated.

Rush orders: $50 rush charge for an order placed less than three weeks before it is needed. Call 413-624-3204 or email to find out whether we are able to fit your rush order into our schedule.

Holder: A foam core holder in an acetate envelope suitable for display at wedding is included in the flat shipping charges.

You choose:

We also offer:

  • Parent/grandparent gifts (8" x 10") or guest favors (4" x 5"), miniatures of your ketubah with your names, the wedding date and a message in place of the ketubah's text.
  • Table numbers (5" x 7") printed in your ketubah border, fits in holder on table.

Payment in U.S. funds may be made by check or by charge card. If paying by charge, please call with your card number or fax it to us as we do not have a secure server.

Custom Print Ketubah Order Forms and
Standard Text Fill-in forms in PDF format

Click on the links below to download our order form and our standard texts. They are in pdf format that you may type into on your computer and email back to us. Or you may print out the form, fill it in, and mail it to us. We will send you an invoice after we receive your order.

The following are our standard texts. Please download the files to view them in pdf format.

  • For a text that you write yourself, please fill in the order form, check the line marked custom text, and mail a legible copy of your text with your order form. If you are able to make a pdf file of your text, you may email it to us. If faxing, please use the high resolution setting and call 413-624-3204 before sending so we can turn on our fax machine. Custom English texts should be sent in the body of an email, if possible.

How to Order a Custom-Print Ketubah.

We are glad to discuss with you the options available with a Custom-Print Ketubah. Once you have decided to order one, please do the following:

Fill out the order form, which will give us your border and text choices, mailing/shipping address/es, payment information. If you want to pay by check, send the check and form by mail. If you wish to charge your order, please phone us with your credit card information, or we can send you a PayPal invoice which you may pay securely on-line.

Once we receive your filled in order form and filled in text information we will prepare a proof. It will be put on a web page and you and the rabbi will be sent the link to proofread it. When we receive approval we will go ahead and print and send it.

Our Custom Print ketubot offer you the opportunity for you to compose your own custom or non-traditional text (see example: for a Quaker wedding) in Hebrew, English, Russian, Yiddish, or any other language that uses the Roman, Hebrew, or Cyrillic alphabets. We can also print signature lines for your guests to sign as witnesses.

If you are unable to display pdf documents on your computer, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website. If you are unable to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you may ask us to fax the fill in text form of your choice to you when you place your order.

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Custom-Print Ketubot
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Arch of Trees Ketubah
Hebrew above English
enlarged Hebrew names

Floral Trellis Ketubah
Hebrew above English
parallel declarations

Arch of Trees Ketubah
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Jerusalem Ketubah
English wraparound

Gateway Ketubah
Hebrew above English
parallel declarations

Arch of Trees Ketubah
vertical columns

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