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wedding invitation - sweeter than wine
Wedding Invitation

An envelope arrives in the mail, the address hand-lettered or in beautiful type; anticipation sets in. The envelope is eagerly opened. This is the first taste your guest has of what will be your celebration.

You bring your sense of design, tradition, and meaning to the whole event, beginning with the invitation. Peggy Davis works with you, as she has with hundreds of customers, to design your invitations, bringing her personal touch to the printed work. Peggy works successfully with people all over the country by mail, phone and e-mail to create unique, personal invitations.

A selection of invitations are shown here. Click on the images to see it in a larger size. Colors may not be the same on your screen. The designs are available in many ink colors, paper colors and textures.

Your Choices in the Design Process

Peggy will guide you through the steps to create your invitations. These include:

Cover or border design: chosen from a printer's album, from Peggy's previous work, or a new design she creates with you. This design can be applied to other items such as program booklets, benchers, centerpieces, banners, etc.

Inspiration from tradition: A verse from a traditional source is often the central element of an invitation design. A verse may include a child's name for a birth announcement, from Songs of Songs for a wedding invitation, from the Torah portion for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah . Other languages, using Roman, Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabets may be used.

Lettering or type: Choose hand-lettering styles or calligraphic fonts. Hand-lettering provides a more personal, immediate touch to the invitation, and can be adapted in shape and form in a way that type cannot. Typeset text may be the effect you would like and is less expensive.

One thing that makes Peggy's invitations stand out is that even her typeset invitations have the look of hand-work. She uses one of two personal Hebrew fonts created from her own hand-lettering, and offers selected English fonts designed by calligraphers.

Finishing: enclose the whole set in a pocket folder, add layers of colored paper to frame the invitation card, choose the shape of the invitation card, create a custom envelope liner.

Paper: choose from many sizes and shapes; samples are available. Recycled, textured, with fiber or flecks, shades of white, off-white, ivory or other colors with smooth, linen or textured surfaces, or embedded with flower seeds. There are many ink colors available.

Printing: Raised ink, in one or two colors, full-color digital printing or letterpress printing.

Envelopes: The return address is usually printed on the back flap. Peggy often hand-letters or digitally prints the names and addresses on the envelope fronts.

Digital invitation: You can commssion the art work for a digital invitation, in which case you will receive the art work by e-mail in the resolution that you request.

Cost and Time

The cost varies widely, depending on the choices of materials and complexity of the design. Peggy will work with you to meet your needs and your budget. A detailed estimate will be prepared for you once a plan is developed. The price for 100 sets of invitations, envelopes, RSVP cards/envelopes and thank you notes can range from $300-1200 . Other insert cards, place cards, table numbers and more may be ordered. Pocket invitation sets start at about $600.

It is helpful to start the process three months or more before you want to mail the invitations.

How to Begin

As you look through the examples here, you may find something that appeals to you or which you'd like to adapt. You may find examples of styles, designs or symbols elsewhere, in a book, a greeting card, a magazine or on-line. Any such resources can be helpful in the creative process. Call Peggy at 413-624-3204. Based on your conversation and any material you provide, she will send you sketches, and with your further comments, a sketch will be refined to your satisfaction. Then she will create a digital version of the final art, which will be e-mailed to you for approval before being sent to the printer. The printer will ship the invitation or announcement sets directly to you.

Now you can begin this fascinating journey!

bar mitzvah invitation - moon & stars

New Moon
Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Amos

"Establish Justice"
Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set - Beshalach

Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Please click on any thumbnail Invitation to see enlarged view.
Wedding Invitations and Sets

These are examples of invitations that Peggy has designed. You may order invitations with your text in one of these cover or border designs, adapt one, or commission a new design.

Learn about Jewish wedding and dance traditions from the Wholesale Klezmer Band

Wedding invitation - ani l'dodi
Rose Vine Arch

wedding invitation - art nouveau vine
Deco Daisy

wedding invitation - sweeter than wine
Rose Vine Circle

wedding invitation - arch of trees
Trees of the Field

50th anniversary invitation
Tree of Life

wedding invitation - wavy text
Sasson v'simkha

wedding invitation - papercut chuppah
Chuppah Invitation #1
matches Chuppah Custom-Print Ketubah

wedding invitation - betroth forever
Rose Vine Circle: Betroth

wedding invitation - lovebirds
Rose Vine Rectangle:

Wedding Invitation Set - Papercut Chuppah
Chuppah Invitation #2
matches Chuppah Custom-Print Ketubah

						Invitation Set - Family Tree
Family Tree Invitation Set

wedding invitation - ani l'do
Ani L'dodi Gate Invitation

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations and Invitation Sets

Some of Peggy's bar and bat mitzvah invitations may be customized for another Torah portion or name. Peggy will be glad to work with you to adapt a design or develop a new one.

Learn about
Jewish music for your celebration!

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Samuel

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Balak

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set- Vayikra


Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set - Beshalach

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set- Shoftim
Shoftim: Justice, justice shalt thou pursue

Shoftim: Haftarah–Isaiah

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set - Beshalach
Rachel; Vayetse

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set - Vayishlach

Bat Mitzvah Invitation set - Lily
Lekh Lekha

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set - Father and Son
Old-Time Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Blue-Grey Tallis

Tallis Invitation Cover with
Tsitsit Verse from Shma
Shelakh Lekha

Multi-Color Tallis

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Jewish Star
Mitzvah Star

Bat Mitzvah Invitation - Handing down the Torah
Old-Time Bat Mitzvah Invitation:
Handing down the Torah

Bat Mitzvah Invitation - Peace, Joy, Love, Hope
Joy, Peace, Hope and Love

Bat Mitzvah Invitation - Ruth

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Noach

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Sukkot/Emor

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Shofar

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Gavriel
Picture Name Art

Bat mitzvah invitation - Dancers

Bar Mitzvah Invitation - Amos

bar mitzvah invitation - Torah & Tallis
Torah Scroll Invitation:
suitable for any parsha

bar mitzvah invitation - moon & stars
Rosh Khodesh–New Moon


Studio Update

Peggy usually welcomes you to arrange a visit to her studio near Greenfield, MA or in a location in Shelburne Falls, MA. However, during this period of COVID19, she works remotely with customers. Please call her at 413-624-3204 or email at to discuss your project.


list formats
Digital address lettering styles
Place Cards

When preparing an address list for printing envelopes, please use the following format:

Mr. and Mrs. First and Last Names
Miss Name
Street address
(Additional address line if needed)
City, State Zip
(country if needed)
                                    <-----blank space between addresses
Ms. Name One & Mr. Name Two
Additional Names
Street address
(Additional address line if needed)
City, State Zip
(country if needed)

Type the addresses exactly as you would like them to appear on the envelopes. Please spell out city and state names. Type each line on its own line, separate each complete address with an extra line space.

If there will be inner envelopes, names should be sent on a separate list. As with outer envelopes, each line of an inner envelope should be typed on its own line. A blank line should separate what appears on each inner envelope.

Additional Names
                                    <-----blank space between envelopes
                                    <-----blank space between envelopes
                                    <-----blank space between envelopes
and Additional Names

Put your address list in the text of an email

Or, if you prepare the address list in a database or spreadsheet, you may export the list as a tab-delimited text file (ascii).
(click for price list)

You may choose from the following typestyles for
digitally addressed envelopes and placecards:

Typefaces for Addressing Envelopes and Placecards

Below are examples of hand lettered placecards
Sample Placecard #1
Sample Placecard #2
Sample Placecard #3

Contact Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email


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