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Gifts of Meaning

by Peggy H. Davis

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Gifts to Honor People on Special Occasions

for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, New Home, New Baby, Weddings
and Teachers

Print for a wedding gift

Apache Wedding Blessing

A blessing for a marriage which is a popular reading at weddings and makes an excellent wedding or anniversary gift. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.

Print only: 8x10" – 30.00, 11 x 14" – 40.00
Framed in 8 x 10" wooden frame only: 90.00
Matted in light brown 12.5 x 14.5" acid-free mat: 80.00
Matted in light brown 16 x 20" acid-free mat: 95.00
16 x 20" wooden frame with light brown acid-free mat, 180.00

Click on image to see frame options.

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afikomen wrapper, a passover gift, especially for teachers

Afikomen Wrapper

Designed as a gift for teachers, your seder hosts or parents.

The text from the Hagaddah, in Hebrew and English, says, "You shall teach your child on that day, saying: 'All of this is because of that which G-d did for me when I went out of Egypt.'" It is sized to wrap half of either a square matzah or a larger shmura matzah.

Screenprinted on unbleached cotton, 21" x 21" in a plastic zipper storage bag: 22.00 each.

Quantity prices available by request.

Judaica Watches from our own Azeyger Timepieces

The smaller watches are 7/8" diameter and make a lovely gift for a Bat Mitzvah or for any woman. Choose from a silver-finish metal bezel with a mesh or leather band (left) or the two-tone bezel, also available in a larger size, 1 3/8" diameter (right). All watches 45.00, shipped with a fresh battery.

• Silvertone finish with mesh band
• Silvertone finish with black leather band
• Two-tone bezel (right) 7/8" or 1-3/8" diameter, black leather band

The two face designs by Peggy are shown here. Left: 3-color design with a star from a Venetian manuscript: right, a star in the center created from an element of the lettering she used for the number-letters. The traditional way to write numbers has been to use the Hebrew alphabet adapted to the decimal system. In case you wanted to ask, no, the clock does not run counter-clockwise!

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collage mezuzot

Art Mezuzah – "And you shall teach your children."

Our art mezuzah cases are decorated with an original collage design from decorative art papers, or show a dove or geometric design hand-colored in colored pencil.
It is designed as a gift for teachers, a unique housewarming gift or to give to a student going off to college. A 3/4" x 4" plastic tube encloses the art work; adhesive on back attaches firmly to a metal or wooden doorpost. We're happy to send you photos of cases currently available for your selection.

Art Mezuzah: 36.00
Kosher scrolls are sold separately, 32.00 each.
Quantity pricing for all teacher gifts is available to schools and synagogues.

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Tree of Life screen print on Tan Canson paper
Tree of Life
screenprinted on Canson paper

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life text, from the Book of Proverbs and referring to wisdom, is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift that grows with the child. This is the prayer said upon returning the Torah to the ark during services. It is a saying that inspires people of many religious traditions.

Tree of Life Screen Print (left)
Black ink on colored Canson paper
Choice of gray flannel or beige paper 12 x 15;" some other colors available: 50.00
Lightly mounted on black foamcore backing in clear envelope, hanger on back.

Tree of Life Multi-color (right)
Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper in cream acid-free mat that matches the background color:
Matted in clear envelope, 12.5" x 14.5:" 80.00
Mat and black metal frame 12.5" x 14.5:" 120.00

Mini Tree of Life Multi-color:
8 x 10" acid-free mat in acetate envelope with hanging tab.
Mat colors vary; 50.00.
Framed with acid-free mat and 8 x 10" black metal frame: 85.00
Ask to see photo of current mat color selection.

Maxi Tree of Life Multi-color: red mat and black wooden frame 19 x 24": 300.00

Quantity pricing for all teacher gifts is available to schools and synagogues.

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Tree of Life Print with colored leaves
Tree of Life
full-cololor print

[Give Her Due Credit print]

Give Her Due Credit

"Give her due credit for her achievement..." is from the Book of Proverbs, the last verse of the section called "Eshet Khayil" (Eshes Khayil). This print is often given as a gift for a Bat Mitzvah, to a woman who has earned a degree or professional status, reached a milestone birthday, or just to express appreciation. Printed in brick red ink on ivory paper.

10 x 12" print only in acetate envelope: 30.00
10 x 12" print in dark red mat: 50.00
Framed in gold metal frame with dark red acid-free mat: 90.00

It may be personalized on the bottom with up to 15 words; 15.00 typeset, 25.00 hand-lettered.

"Give Her Due Credit" notecards: 5.00 for a single card and envelope or 5 for 12.00

[One Who Teaches print]
One Who Teaches Bookbag

One who teches print with grapevine
One Who Teaches Print

One Who Teaches

"One who teaches another's child Torah is regarded by the tradition as one who gave birth to the child."

This verse from the Talmud expresses appreciation of teachers and the deep connection between a child and the teacher. Often given to teachers by schools or B'nai Mitzvah families. Also appreciated by adoptive parents.

Bookbag (left) is screen-printed in magenta and dark green on a roomy natural canvas bag. 18.5 x 14" when flat; two handles: 22.00

Print (bottom left): Giclée print, archival ink on rag paper.
15 x 12" in acid-free mat 45.00; mat/brushed silver metal frame 75.00
11.5 x 9.5 " in acid-free mat 50.00: mat/brushed silver metal frame 90.00

Dedication typeset in one line at bottom of full-color print: 15.00

Hand-painted print (shown right) is 11 x 14," printed in black ink on acid-free paper, and painted by hand with watercolor.

Hand-painted print in 15 x 17" dark rose acid-free mat: 75.00

You may order an unpainted version you can paint, two for 35.00, shipped in a tube.

Dedication handlettered on lower left of painted print: 25.00

Quantity pricing for all teacher gifts is available to schools and synagogues.
Click on images for larger view.

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One Who Teaches

"One who teaches another's child Torah" Print

Handpainted Print

Tree of Honor

Give special honor to a teacher. Students or colleagues autograph using curved lines in the treetop (right), with custom text on either side of tree trunk on this matted print. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper. Also available filled with leaves, no signature area (left). Text on either side of trunk may be included.

Tree of Honor in 12 x 14" acid-free mat: 70.00.
Metal frame with acid-free mat: 130.00.

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Jerusalem Gates print with dedication honoring a teacher

Jerusalem Gates Recognition

"The world depends on three principals, on Torah, on prayer and on lovingkindness."

The original art for the Jerusalem Recognition Certificate was drawn with colored pencil on banana/rag paper. The text of both the verse and the dedication may be completely customized.

Regular size in 11 x 14" wooden frame: 60.00
Dedication is included in price.

May be printed in custom sizes, dedication optional
Matted option also available.

Quantity prices available by request.


Leaning Tree Recognition

The Leaning Tree print can be fully customized with verse & text.

Regular size in 11 x 14" wooden frame: 60.00
Dedication is included in price.

May be printed in custom sizes, dedication optional.
Matted option also available.

Contact me for quantity pricing.

Garden Hamsa
Garden Hamsa

Earth Hamsa
Earth Hamsa


A popular symbol for good luck, the hamsa in Mediterranean folklore keeps away the "ayin hara," the evil eye. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper. The colors are vivid. Mat colors vary. Each matted print is enclosed in a sealed acetate envelope with a hanger tab on the back, ready to hang on the wall. Also available matted in a brushed goldtone metal frame.

Our Torah Hamsa, a new item, is especially appropriate as a bar or bat mitzvah gift.

Hamsa print in acid-free mat: 45.00
Hamsa print in acid-free mat and gold metal frame: 85.00

Quantity pricing available for schools.

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dove hamsa
Dove Hamsa

shalom hamsa
Peace Dove Hamsa

Chamsah, "copper blue"
Copper Blue Hamsa

Torah Hamsa

Four Corners of the Earth

This piece expresses the idea that all people should have the right to live wherever they wish, whatever their skin color. The text is from a commentary on Genesis found in Yalkut Shemoni. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper, from a collaged original, lettered with gouache. It was inspired by the Tilsenbilt Company, which built the house in which Peggy grew up. During a time of redlining, these homes were offered for sale with no discrimination on the basis of race.

Acid-free matted print 18 x 24": 160.00

Matted print in honey-colored wooden frame: 250.00

"May the Lord Bless You and Keep You" print

The Priestly Blessing

This blessing from Numbers 6:24-6 is widely known among Jews and Christians. Give this print as a blessing for a home, a gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a gift for a new child. It is part of the traditional blessing of the children on Friday evening. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.

Print only in 7 x 5" black or dark brown wood frame: 50.00

Hebrew/English print in pale yellow acid-free 19 x 14.75" mat: 95.00
Framed in 19 x 14.75" gilt wooden frame with acid-free mat: 195.00

Hebrew print in pale yellow acid-free 16.25 x 13.25" mat 95.00
Framed in 16.25 x 13.25" gilt wooden frame with acid-free mat: 195.00

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Praise G-d with drums and dance, Praise G-d with strings and flute

Psalm 150: Halelluhu

"Praise G-d with drums and dance, Praise G-d with strings and flute" from Psalm 150.

This digital print is reproduced from Peggy's colored pencil original, visually expressing the flow of music and song. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.

Brushed gold metal frame with red "cayenne" or yellow acid-free mat, 19 x 13.25", 130.00

Matted with a red "cayenne" or yellow acid-free mat, 19 x 13.25," 90.00

Specify mat color.

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Jerusalem Hills–Hebrew-English Edition

These are signed, limited-edition prints. The micrographic text is composed of verses that refer to Jerusalem or mountains. The contours are those of the hills looking from Jerusalem toward the Dead Sea. Each print is hand-colored with pastels, so each one is unique. Both the Hebrew and Hebrew-English prints are available on plant/rag paper from India.

Jerusalem Hills–Hebrew-English Edition

Print only: 150.00
Print in acid-free mat: 200.00
Print in mat and black metal or wooden frame: 280.00

Click on either image for more details.

House Blessing

A blessing to grace a new home, to give for a wedding or anniversary, in appreciation. Five muted gemstone colors to choose from for the border: sapphire, amethyst, ruby, agate, jade. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.

Giclée print, 8" x 10" print on backing in clear envelope, hanger tab on back: 30.00
Matted in cream 12.5" x 14.5" acid-free mat: 80.00
Framed in 12.5" x 14.5" gold metal frame with cream mat: 130.00

Jade House Blessing framed print by Peggy Davis

Jade House Blessing

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Ruby House Blessing framed print by Peggy Davis

Ruby House Blessing

Agate House Blessing framed print by Peggy Davis

Agate House Blessing

Sapphire House Blessing framed print by Peggy Davis

Sapphire House Blessing

Amethyst House Blessing framed print by Peggy Davis

Amethyst House Blessing

Torah Portion Personalized Prints for Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Green and blue Torah Portion Print by Peggy Davis
Green-Blue Torah Scroll Print

Select a pasuk (verse) from the Torah or Haftorah reading from the week of the ceremony for a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift. Your choice of scroll or tallis background will be personalized with this text and with the child's name and cerremony date. Hebrew and/or English text.

Giclée print with archival ink and paper.
14 x 11" acid-free cream mat and black metal frame 130.00
Gift wrap and gift card with a handwritten message: 2.00

If the e-mail order form comes without line spacing, request a form by e-mail:

E-mail Order Form

Blue and Pink Torah Portion Print by Peggy Davis
Blue-Pink Torah Scroll Print

Tallis Print - Blue

Tallis Print - Multicolor

Tallis Print - Lavender

Anniversary & Wedding Gift

Double Floral Ring Anniversary Print with Hebrew and English
Anniversary Double Rings

Matted in 15 x 11" mint green mat: 75.00
Framed in 15 x 11" brushed copper metal frame, pale mint green acid-free mat: 125.00

Personalized with a typeset dedication printed below the floral rings: add 15.00

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"


"This is my beloved, this is my friend"

inscribed within interlocking floral rings.

Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.

Individual floral rings shown at right.

Click on images to see framing options.

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Single Ring "Grow old"

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." anniversary print

Matted in acid-free suede mat, 8 x 8," 60.00
In 8 x 8" brushed gold metal frame with suede mat, 90.00
Specify dark blue, maroon or dark green suede mat.

Single Ring "This is my beloved"

"This is my beloved, the is my friend."" anniversary print


"If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?
And if I am only for myself, what am I?
And if not now, when?"

This well-known quotation by Rabbi Hillel of the Talmud is lettered in dark red and black on a paper-texture background. Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.
In 14" x 18" cream acid-free mat: 95.00
In 14" x 18" cream, acid-free mat & framed in medium brown wood: 185.00

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Sabbath Blessings Print

The Hebrew blessings for candles, wine and bread that begin the Sabbath are shown here as a graphic design with "Shabbat Shalom," Sabbath peace, in large letters representing the light of the candles.
Giclée print with archival ink on rag paper.
Framed in dark blue metal, 13.5" x 17.5:" 115.00
Matted with acid-free off-white mat 13.5" x 17.5:" 75.00

Baby Gifts

Baby-Naming Print

"I will bless you and your descendants will be as numerous as the stars of the sky and the sand upon the sea shore," –Genesis; with personalized text including the baby's full Hebrew name and birth date in Hebrew and English.

Numbered edition, deep blue on white rag paper, 16" x 13".
Also available as a Digital Custom Print with a fully customized text.

Personalized Baby-Naming print only: 80.00 + 10.00 shipping
Print in matching acid-free white mat: 110.00 + 20.00 shipping
Print in acid-free white mat with dark blue metal frame: 175.00 + 25.00 shipping

Click on this link, baby certificate to see a larger view of the art and for the information needed to complete your order.

Baby Amulet

Based on the Jewish tradition to hang an amulet near a baby's bed, Peggy designed this baby amulet for a newborn or child being given a Jewish name. It includes the blessings from the bris and naming ceremonies in Hebrew and English. The Hebrew blessings form the shape of the hand, a hamsa. The English translation, the Hebrew word "Shekhinah" (God's sheltering presence), and the names of the four protective angels (associated with particular qualities), surround the hamsa shape.

The hamsa is a Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jewish folk tradition, and Ashkenazim use the red color, often a ribbon on the baby's crib or clothes, to protect them from the evil eye. The red illumination patterns (click on the image to see the patterns in detail) come from medieval manuscripts. The amulet is letterpress-printed, which impresses the ink into the paper, giving the artwork a rich texture. It is printed on a heavyweight, acid-free Mohawk Superfine paper and a red ribbon is included in the clear envelope.

Baby Amulet, 10" x 13" in clear acetate envelope with red ribbon enclosed: 35.00F
Framed Baby Amulet with acid-free narrow gray mat in 11 x 14" black metal frame (upper left): 95.00
Specify for a boy or a girl.

Baby Amulet note cards 4.25 x 5.5" come with a red ribbon knotted through the upper front of the card: 4.00 each, 2.00 shipping charge for your card-only order.

Framed Baby Amulet card with ribbon (lower left) in acid-free grey suede mat & silver metal frame: 90.00

How to Order

baby naming art #3

How to Order

Custom Baby Naming Art

Peggy has created beautiful art from names. If you are interested in having her design such a piece for a baby gift, please contact her.

baby naming art #2baby naming art #1

Moon & Stars Night Lights

What could be a better gift for a child than this comforting night light? A nightly reminder of a far-away grandparent's love, an aunt or uncle's affection, calming nighttime fears with a whisper of "sweet dreams" when it is turned on. Or perhaps it is a grandparent who would love to receive one from a grandchild, to make it easier to get up during the night.

4 3/8" wide x 8 7/8" high

English only or English/Hebrew/Yiddish: Sale Price 55.00 + 15.00 shipping & handling in US; call for other shipping costs.

How to Order

A natural wood frame supports the custom-printed Moon & Stars art,
designed by Peggy Davis

Baby One-Piece and Toddler T's

Only the best for the tender skin of a baby, a muted green organic cotton one-piece shirt, featuring the Yiddish endearment "Zisele– little sweetie." Here is a multi-sensory learning experience for the child, who hears the word in a loving tone of voice, and perhaps feels a soft touch over the heart.

Sizes: One-piece shirts 6-12 mo. and 12-18 mo. Toddler Tees are size 4, both in in the light olive green organic cotton shown here (but looking better than the photo, a warmer color green).

One-piece or shirt: 25.00+4.00 for US shipping.
Two or more, 22.00 each + 6.00 US shipping.

How to Order

Call 413-624-3204 or e-mail to place your order.
Let us know when you need to receive your order.

We prefer payment by check in U.S. funds.
Massachusetts residents wll be charged 6.25% sales tax.

When you place your order, we'll send you the shipping cost for your order.

Credit Card orders:

  • Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express/Paypal accepted.

  • We can process credit card orders securely by phone or on-line through PayPal.
    We will email you a PayPal invoice after calculating tax and shipping costs.

  • Do not send credit card information by email,
    please phone 413-624-3204 or wait for PayPal invoice.
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    Most gifts can be gift-wrapped, with a gift tag
    with hand-written message of your choice: 4.00
    Gift card images: Dreydl, Mazel Tov, Autumn Oak Leaves, Happy Birthday

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