Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy  

Note cards and Stationery
by Peggy Davis

Peggy has designed cards for Jewish Holidays, thank you and mazltov, and bereavment. Please click on the images to see them at full size. Please see below for card pricing.

Sympathy Cards

Memory card for a woman

Memory card for a man
Get Well Cards

Refuah Shleymah -- a Complete Recovery
Cards For Happy Occasions

For a new baby


Thank you


Bas Mitzvah or
recognition of achievement

Custom New Years cards
Stationery and Logos for Organizations

Stationery for a synagogue memorial society

Stationery for a synagogue cultural committee

Organization Logo for
stationery and tee shirts

Pricing for cards

Baby Amulet card: $3.50 each or 4/$10
Give her due credit card: $2 each or 5/$8
Memory for a Blessing card: $5 or 3/$12
Refuah Shleymah (Get Well) card: $5 or 3/$12
Mazel Tov card: $2 each or 10/$14
Shalom card: $2 each or 10/$14
Todah rabah card: $2 each or 10/$14
For custom card designs and stationery, please call or write for an estimate.

$5 shipping charge for your card-only order.

For more information, call Peggy at 413-624-3204 or email her at:

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