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Here are some samples of Birth Announcements and coordinated thank you cards by Peggy Davis. Click on the image thumbnails to view them at a larger size. Please check back to this page in the future for more designs. For more information, call Peggy at 413-624-3204 or email her at:

Birth Announcements and Thank You Cards

Handlettered Birth Announcement

Typeset Birth Announcement

"Moon and Stars"
Birth Announcement

Thank You Card

"Moon and Stars"
Thank You Card

Your birth announcement message can be printed on the inside of our baby amulet card.

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[baby certificate]

"Moon and Stars" Baby Naming Certificate

The verse from Genesis, "I will bless you and your descendants will be as numerous as the stars of the sky and the sand upon the sea shore," connects the new child with our tradition. The text is personalized to include the child's Hebrew name and birth date in Hebrew and English. The numbered edition, printed on rag paper, is filled in by hand. If you want to change the wording or add a line of text to include the name(s) of those for whom the child was named, the digital print version can accomodate those changes or additions. It can also be adapted to suit the naming of an adopted child. This version is printed on a white rag paper specially treated for the archival-quality inks we use.

  • Print: 85.00+10.00 shipping=95.00;
    (+overseas shipping 17.00=202.00)
  • Matted print (white acid-free mat & backing) in acetate envelope:
    100.00+15.00 shipping=115.00 (120.00)
  • Framed & matted print (white acid-free mat, brushed silver metal frame):
    145.00+20.00 shpg=165.00 (200.00)
  • "Mazel tov" card handlettered with your message: 2.00

Please download and print this form, fill it out, and fax or mail it with your order.

Baby Amulet

[baby amulet]

It is a longstanding Jewish tradition to hang an amulet near a baby's bed, and Peggy's Baby Amulet is a popular gift. Its new design includes the blessings from the bris and naming ceremonies in Hebrew and English. The Hebrew blessings form the shape of the hand. The English translation, the Hebrew word "Shekhinah" (God's sheltering presence), the names of the four protective angels and qualities associated with them, surround the hand.

Jewish folk tradition has long used the hand shape among the Sephardim and the red color among the Ashkenazim to protect vulnerable individuals from the evil eye. The red illumination patterns (please click on the image to see the patterns in detail) come from a medieval manuscript. The amulet is printed by letterpress, which impresses the ink into the paper, giving the artwork a rich texture. The amulet is printed on a heavyweight, acid-free Mohawk Superfine paper stock and a red ribbon is included in the package. You may choose to attach the ribbon to the paper as a bow or to hang it on the wall, or to tie it on the baby's crib.

Many customers request a personalized amulet. The charge for handlettering, done in the upper right and left corners, is $25. It is done in red ink and can include any of the following: the child's English name, Hebrew name (name only or name +daughter/son of...), secular birth date, Hebrew birth date.

Baby Amulet, 10" x 13": $35. Please specify for a boy or a girl.
Hand Lettered Personalization, add $25.

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